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Our program was established in the 103th academic year. It is the first program of the Higher Education System University with a combination of wedding planning, festivals and exhibitions. The aim of our program is nurture students to become professionals in wedding planning, festival planning and exhibition management. Wedding planning are the emerging fashion industry, holding a special fantasy wedding requires professional ability and national festivals and exhibitions can also drive industrial development to create business opportunities, showing the importance of planning activities management talents to various industries.


Department characteristics

Training students to have the skills of wedding professional, festival and exhibition management, and the spirit of serving the customer. The key points are as follows:


  1. Cultivate students' ability to innovate and creative, accurately grasp the social development trend, and follow the market changes to create an entrepreneurial.
  2. Emphasis on communication skills, empathy, cross-disciplinary professionalism and foreign language ability training, to help students become a full range of professionals with a full personality and international perspective.
  3. To shape the establishment of corporate ethics and management capabilities, to help students become the best talents that companies want.

Teaching characteristics

Our program is in collaboration with the Department of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management , the Department of Visual Communication Designand the Department of English. It has developed into the only talented training environment for “Festival Management and Wedding Planning”.

In the course, we decide to offers a wide range of courses, from "Beauty Makeup", "Wedding Photography", "Fashion Model" to "Creative Wedding", etc. By professional teachers to stimulate students' creative ideas and festivals. In addition, it also exchanges with foreign universities and joins its popular courses to increase students' international horizons.

Furthermore, students can also choose the "Hotel Management" or the "Aromatherapy SPA" course, which can cultivate hotel management or another expertise to have multiple employment advantages.

About us




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